Better Built Nevada

Providing unique career opportunities in commercial construction

Better Built Nevada is a partnership of Nevada’s best interior and exterior wall & ceiling contractors. Each Better Built Nevada provides competitive high-earning wages, health insurance, retirement benefits, continuing education and training, and the proper care and attention to get your job done safely. Our contractor partners consciously employ a union-represented workforce.

Better Built Nevada is a superior experience in the trades. Better Built Nevada’s members build, work, and live in their communities. Working with top commercial construction companies in Nevada helps build a better Valley for our families.



Retirement Fund? 

Health Insurance? 

Vacation Pay? 

All these benefits and your full hourly wage?? 


Hiring a Better Built Nevada contractor comes with guarantees! If those guarantees aren’t satisfied, you can have confidence knowing your benefits are represented and defended.  You will be paid on time, you will be in a safe working environment, and you will have a voice. 

Retirements Benefits

Retirement benefits aren’t an option; they can become a guarantee! Members qualify for full retirement benefits when the required years of credited service are accumulated. Union trades are one of the few career paths left to have a full pension! 

Safety First

Our contractors ALWAYS make sure that you are safe on the job site. We put safety in front of everything.

On The Job Training

With our contractors, you can ensure that you will know what you are doing in your position. They provide on-the-job training to help you succeed.

The right Tools

Don’t have the right tool? Our contractors will ensure you always have the tools for the job!

Projects Done

Active Contractors

Hired Candidates

Better Built Nevada


Stephen Winslow.

Hired By Better Built Nevada

“Better Built Nevada helped me get into a position where I am now making almost double what I made at my previous job. Thanks for helping me get into a new rewarding career.”

Jose Garcia.

Hired By Better Built Nevada

“I never thought I would find such a great opportunity within construction, but being able to work on some of the biggest construction sites in Nevada has been an incredible experience.”




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